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    17 October 2017

    #Metoo: Diary of a 21 year old who had to convey a lot

    Social media platforms have once again made us realize that "together we really can". Today, we feel privileged to share the diary of a 21 year old, who wanted to shout out loud and made the world listen to her, at least once.

    As we all are aware about "#Metoo" and we are hoping if all the people who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote "Me too" as a status, we might give others a sense of the magnitude of the problem. However, you could also get some sense out of the "unspoken words" written below from the pen of the one who had to convey a lot.


    I still remember

    I was just 1.5 or may be 2 years old
    I knew him..I still know him
    I used to like days
    And hate those nights
    That feeling ..That unwanted touch
    Could never understand
    How to say and what to say
    I had no idea
    What I was going through
    He used to love me
    The way he wanted to
    He was known
    Sometimes he was also replaced
    By some unknown faces
    Yet all of them are same
    Those friends of families 
    Those hands and fake smileys
    I could feel 
    I really can
    I knew the difference
    But could not speak
    I knew how to speak
    Yet could not speak
    No matter how old I was
    I felt the touch
    But the most sad thing to recall is
    I know them
    I still face them
    I still have to respect them
    I have to
    I want to go back to the days of past
    And make them feel the same pain
    That I felt
    Those wounds on my heart
    It hurts ..It still hurts
    Believe me.. it's not just about
    You and Me
    He and She
    It's about each one of us
    Somehow somewhere
    It has been a part
    Of your life
    Whatever happened you can't change
    At least for the sake of that pain
    Don't let it ever happen to the ones
    You care
    And to the ones
    You don't even care
    I still wonder if I could ever say it with the ones
    I should have said it much before
    But nothing could be changed now
    I can't change my past
    But, I have this one remaining life
    To change my future
    And the future of my dear ones
    This is something that stays with you
    Every moment
    This is something way beyond just #Metoo
    If you could connect..
    Don't feel ashamed to spread my words 
    You know why
    Not just #Metoo